Dual Direction Cable winders

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Boat lift cable winders protect your cable by wrapping it neatly into machined grooves. These boat lift cable winders are made from aluminum and are corrosion-resistant. Generally, there are only two types of cable winders, two-direction cable winders, and single-direction cable winders. Many boathouse lifts use a single pipe to wrap cable on, so the cable extends in both directions from the pipe and wraps both directions. These types of lifts require a two-direction cable winder. Lifts such as 4-piling lifts with two individual pipes use a single-direction cable winder. We have cable winders for 2-inch pipes and 1.5 in pipes.

**Please note pipe is measured inside diameter


Cable winders, also known as cable savers are designed to help the cable maintain its shape while under load on the pipe and helps prevent cable from wrapping on it’s self which reduces wear and fraying of the cable. The grooves are very shallow and only intended to cradle the lower section of the cable. We routinely uses these winders on cable up to 5/16” diameter. Please note, cable winders increase the out-side diameter of the drive pipe and will reduce the rated lift capacity of your hoist and motor by 20%.



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