Dual Stand-Up Paddleboard Rack



Dual Stand-Up Paddleboard Rack


QUICK, SIMPLE, STORAGE: Stand Up Paddle Board Rack includes integrated bungee holes for easy buckling and strapping and fast, secure storage of your SUP.

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Storage Rack arms are vertically adjustable so you can store your SUPs at the perfect height to make loading and unloading quick and easy. The rack is designed to fit any style of the Stand Up Paddle Board.

BUILD TO LAST: Made from high-quality aluminum with stainless steel and brass hardware, your SUP Storage rack is designed to withstand the elements and provide dock-side storage for your SUP season after season.

Requires 2 ShoreMaster Accessory Bracket for attachment to ShoreMaster dock or 2 PolyDock Products Accessory Connector for attachment to PolyDock system or 2 Rhino Marine Systems Accessory Connector for attachment to a Rhino Dock. Can also be bolted on to other dock systems.



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