Gray Glacier Decking

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Gray Glacier Decking by ShoreMaster is a revolutionary decking option that combines functionality, style, and ease of ownership. Designed with a flow-through concept, this decking ensures that dirt and debris won’t collect, making it one of the easiest decking options to maintain. Gray Glacier Decking lets you enjoy spending time on your dock without worrying about constant cleaning. Its open design allows for fast drying and keeps the surface cleaner for longer periods.

Not only does Gray Glacier Decking offer low maintenance, but it is also lightweight, making installation a breeze. Say goodbye to heavy and cumbersome decking materials, as this lightweight option provides easy handling and installation.

Safety is a top priority, which is why Gray Glacier Decking features a slip-resistant surface. Feel confident and secure while walking on your dock, even in wet conditions.

Upgrade your dock with Gray Glacier Decking – the perfect combination of practicality and style. With its easy feel underfoot, low maintenance, lightweight design, and slip-resistant surface, this innovative decking option is sure to enhance your dock experience.

Included in the Box: 

  • 1 x Gray Glacier Decking Panel
  • 1 x 1017490 – Dock Deck Panel clips used on Flow Through & Vertex Decking (2 Pack) (can also be used on Cedar)
  • Dock Panel Clips included.

Orders over 5 panels ship common carrier.


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