InfinityTrack Accessory Bracket

Starting at: $33.00

InfinityTrack Accessory Bracket (Infinity RS4)$33.00
Infinity Track Acessory Bracket (Infinity RS7)$33.00
Infinity Track Acessory Bracket (Infinity TS9/FTS9)$33.00


The Infinity Waterfront Systemâ„¢ is the ultimate solution for a hassle-free waterfront ownership experience. Our InfinityTrack Accessory Bracket is the perfect accessory to complement your ShoreMaster dock system. With its exclusive Infinity channel, this bracket allows you to attach accessories to the dock using only a T-handle, without having to drill holes or use any tools for installation or removal. Crafted with superior quality materials, the InfinityTrack Accessory Bracket is a versatile system that offers distinctive designs.

*It’s required on all accessories that attach to the side rail of ShoreMaster dock systems, formerly known as the QC Accessory Bracket.

With this bracket, you have the freedom to connect a variety of accessories, including benches, ladders, and bumpers, with ease.

The package includes:

1 x Prt Bracket 4.5 – Assy Connector

1 x Bolt Bag Accessory Connector Bracket

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional accessory installation and get ready for an effortless waterfront experience with the InfinityTrack Accessory Bracket.



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