Mini MAXX Lake Dock Lift

Tide Tamer built another winner with this lift!  The mini MAXX is a great looking, simple, strong, and reliable low profile PWC Lift.


Starting at: $1,499.99

5 foot travel

MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 5ft Manual$1,499.99
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 5ft Belt Drive$1,750.00
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 5ft Direct Drive$2,234.99

7 foot travel

MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 7ft Manual$1,623.99
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 7ft Belt Drive$1,825.00
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 7ft Direct Drive$2,308.99

10 foot Travel

Mini Maxx Lake Dock Lift 10ft Manual$1,993.98
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 10ft Belt Drive$2,194.99
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 10ft Direct Drive$2,679.98


MiniMaxx Piling Mount Bracket $79.00
Saltwater Kit with zinc plate and 10ft wire.$46.99


The Mini MAXX  Dockside PWC Lift has a 1200 lbs lifting capacity and the ability to hold a boat up to 5ft wide, which is ideal for most dockside applications of PWC Lifts.   The MiniMAXX Dockside PWC Lift is unquestionably the easiest, and the fastest lift of its kind to install and use, making it D.I.Y. PWC lift friendly!  Most of it is assembled when it is shipped, including all bunks and hardware. Many marine contractors have reported to us that the installation time is only half of the old Demco Dockside Lil Lifter product that Demco no longer produces. Dock mount is standard but this miniMAXX Dockside PWC Lake lift, unlike any other lift of its kind,  also has a piling mount option available upon request.  Constructed of welded marine-grade aluminum you need not worry about rust with this lift!

Buy with confidence at BOAT LIFT WAREHOUSE!

We are proud to offer the finest products available at the best prices, such as this Mini MAXX  Dockside PWC Lift from Tide Tamer Waterfront Products. Their 20 plus years of building industry-leading products allow you to buy with complete confidence!  Our customer service, experience, and product knowledge really make us at Boatlift Warehouse the clear choice for the DIY PWC Lift individual.  Your “do it yourself” project will go smoother and with much less stress knowing you have the staff and resources of to back you up!

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  • Built by Highly Reputable Manufacture with over 20 years in business
  • Low-profile dock mounting design
  • Simple, easy, and FAST installation
  • Adjustable height
  • Piling Mount optional
  • Marine Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Constructed of welded, marine-grade aluminum
  • Mostly-assembled lift is easy to install in just a few steps 1,200 lbs capacity
  • Lifts up to a 5ft wide v-hull boat Available with 5ft of travel or 7ft of travel
  • Optional electric drive



Mounting requires the lift has support on the back of the I-beam.  See page 3 of installation instructions

Travel is measured from the top of the dock to the lowest level the lift will lower to.  The I-beam on the lift will be 3 foot longer that the travel length listed.  For example a 7 foot travel will come with an 10 foot I-beam.

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