Roll-n-Go PWC Ramps

Starting at: $874.47

Roll-n-Go PWC 11′ Shore Ramp$874.47


Roll-n-Go PWC 8′ Extension Kit$463.49


Glide easily in and out of the water in just seconds without scratching your craft’s hull with this PWC lift alternative. Lightweight, portable, and economical, the Roll-n-Go PWC Ramp makes getting on and off the water part of the fun!

At just 54 lbs., this is Roll-n-Go’s most popular and most portable shore ramp. Adjustable rail spacing will handle any jet ski, including all 3-person models. PWC Roll-n-Go shore ramps have an overall length of 11 feet with extra optional 8 ft -long sections available. The 15-foot winch strap includes a nylon loop on the hook to prevent scratching PWC hardware and hull.


  • Maximum PWC Shore Ramp weight capacity is 1000 lbs.
  • Weight is 54 lbs.
  • Overall length is 11 feet.
  • Overall width is 30 inches.
  • Rail width is adjustable from 11″ to 14″
  • Roller is donut shaped polyolefin and bearing is straight bore.
  • Number of rollers is 14.
  • Hardware is stainless steel.
  • Zinc-plated winch has “dead lift” of 900 lbs., gear ratio of 3:1, strap length of 15′, and hook with nylon PWC loop.
  • Anchoring not required for shore ramp unless using extension.


  • 5 year warranty for fresh water use
  • 2 year warranty for salt water use