SearocK baby seat is the best!



SearocK baby seat is the best!

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Babies and toddlers love the gentle rocking motion of swings and carriers. Parents and grandparents love knowing their child is safe. The SearocK baby boat seat provides the perfect combination of a swing, rocker, and chair for use on your boat. This seat offers a natural rocking motion to comfort your baby while napping, snacking, and quiet playtime.

Easy to use

The seat hangs under any solid top, including bimini ribs. The 4-point adjustable harness provides a secure connection above the seat, with a stabilizer that attaches under the seat. The stabilizer prevents excess from rocking during a sudden wake.

A safety belt keeps your child snuggly in the seat. Your child can be out of the sun and enjoying the view, while you are docked or moored. The attachments allow for easy setup and the seat can be used in your home.

The SearocK boat seat is designed for babies and toddlers 6 to 36 months of age. There is no weight limit as long as the harness is firmly attached. The seat is not designed as a floatation device but is nicely cushioned for comfort. The seat is manufactured with marine grade material to be highly durable and easy to clean.


The SearocK baby boat seat is designed for use in no-wake areas. For safety, it should not be used while your boat is underway. As with any type of child seat or swing, never leave your child unattended during use.


  • Suitable for children 6 months to 36 months
  • Designed for use when not underway
  • Attaches to any sturdy boat top
  • 4-point attaching harness and lower stabilizing rope
  • All parts are marine grade and easily wipe clean


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