Sling Side Mount Kit (For Wood)

Starting at: $1,196.63



This Boathouse Two Motor Sling Side Kit is configured for mounting to the wood joists of your boathouse. The drive pipe and hoist are mounted to the side, rather than the center of your slip, which allows easy access for maintenance.

The Lifting capacity of this lift is available up to 4,000 lbs and operates at approximately 2 feet per minute using a Flat Plate Hoist. They come with a standard reversible drum switch but can easily be wired for a remote control anytime. They are configured for a straight pull and include all galvanized hangers, cable, and brackets. This kit includes two polyester slings rated for 8,400 lbs each.

The galvanized pipe for cable wrapping and wooden bunk boards are not included.


  • 1-Flat Plate Hoist with 1 HP motor pre wired with lock on switch and wire harness
  • 2x Polyester weighted slings rated at 8,400 lbs each
  • Strap hanger for wood mount
  • 4-10 lb lead weights
  • Boathouse block with ball bearings
  • Dual pipe support
  • Galvanized, cable, cable thimble, and cable clamps
  • Hardware to mount kit on double joists, wood mounting