Solar Dock Lights

Starting at: $77.00

Solar Dock Lights White (Pair)$77.00
Solar Dock Lights Blue (Pair)$77.00
Solar Dock Lights Red (Pair)$77.00
Solar Dock Lights Green (Pair)$77.00
Solar Dock Lights Amber (Pair)$77.00


The Solar Dock lights are solar paneled LED lights with an attractive low-profile design. No need to worry about tripping over lights or wires.

These lights have no wasted dock space, cords, or wiring. Get bright LED illumination with easy installation. The solar dock caps are pre-mounted into the Shoremaster dock caps along the perimeter of the dock. No drilling or tools are needed.

This item is sold as a pair (2). The standard colors are white and blue LED. Special order colors include green, amber, and red.



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