Eaton Hatteras Power Pedestal

Starting at: $460.69

Select Power Configuration

Eaton Hatteras 00-00,00-00$460.69
Eaton Hatteras 30-00,00-00$528.28
Eaton Hatteras 50-00,00-00$646.90
Eaton Hatteras 30-30,00-00$598.62
Eaton Hatteras 30-50,00-00 $700.69
Eaton Hatteras 30-00,30-00$598.62
Eaton Hatteras 30-00,50-00$700.69

Add GFI ?

Eaton Add-on GFI$51.99

Add Water ?

Eaton Add-on Water Single$60.00
Eaton Add-on Water Dual$65.00

Add Phone, TV, and or Internet?

Eaton Hatteras Add-on Phone and TV$41.50
Eaton Hatteras Phone Single$16.25
Eaton Hatteras Phone Dual$32.50
Eaton Hatteras Cable TV Single$16.25
Eaton Hatteras Cable TV Dual$32.50
Eaton Hatteras Internet Single$16.25
Eaton Hatteras Internet Dual$37.50


The Hatteras power pedestal is a low-cost alternative to the Lighthouse. It utilizes the same 360 degree light assembly as the Lighthouse, yet is only 30 inches tall. Thousands of these attractive pedestals are found not only in marinas, but also around pools, deck areas, boardwalks and landscape areas. The housing will never rust or corrode and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This unit is popular for smaller slips at marinas with the Lighthouse and for private docks.



Power configuration choices are expressed as outlet-outlet , outlet-outlet.  up to 4 outlets, two per side.

Side One ,  Side Two

00-00 ,  00-00

*see photo of chart for details or click on link under instructions tab for receptacle configuration limitations.

**This product is built to order and the lead time varies.