12V LED Flexible Canopy Light with Remote

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The 12V LED Flexible Canopy Light with Remote is the perfect solution to light up your boat lift canopy and enhance your evening boat rides. Designed to be waterproof and flexible, this 1.5 meter light is specifically crafted to attach effortlessly to any boat lift canopy.

With the Flexible Canopy Light, you can enjoy safety and elegance on your boat lift. Imagine sitting on your boat after an evening ride, surrounded by the warm glow of the canopy light, engaging in conversations with your guests. This lighting system transforms your boat and boat lift canopy into an extended evening entertainment area, providing ample light to continue your festivities. No more worries about spilled drinks, tripping hazards, or accidental dips in the lake while getting on and off the boat in the dark. The LED canopy lighting system ensures visibility and convenience for a stress-free experience.

Operating the Flexible Canopy Light is a breeze with the included remote control. With just a quick click, you can effortlessly turn the lights on or off, eliminating the need to fumble around in the dark to find a switch. Say goodbye to the inconvenience and welcome a seamless lighting experience. Installation of our Flexible Canopy Light is incredibly easy and can be done in just minutes. Simply follow the provided instructions, and you’ll have your boat lift canopy illuminated in no time. Enhance your boating experience with the 12V LED Flexible Canopy Light with Remote. Get yours now and enjoy the benefits of a well-lit and safe boat lift canopy.

ONLY Use the Flexible Canopy Light if your wireless AC or DC Boat Lift Motor has a 12v DC light output. Works with Motor Brands that have a 12v Light output, such as Boat Lift Boss.