12V LED Flexible Canopy Light

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Introducing the 12V LED Flexible Canopy Light, the perfect accessory to illuminate your boat lift canopy during those enchanting evening boat rides. Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, this water-proof and flexible 1.5-meter Boat Lift Canopy LED Light effortlessly attaches to any boat lift canopy. Enhance both safety and elegance as you navigate your boat lift with ease, thanks to the brilliant illumination provided by this canopy light.

With its simple and quick connection to wireless AC or DC Boat Lift motors equipped with a 12v DC light output, installation is a breeze. But why settle for just one light strip when you can have double the brightness? Our Double LED strip, complete with a “Y” connector, allows you to place one light strip near the back of the boat lift and another near the front, ensuring optimal visibility throughout.

Please note that the Boat Lift Canopy LED Light is compatible only with wireless AC or DC Boat Lift Motors that feature a 12v DC light output. Works with motor brands like Boat Lift Boss that have a 12V DC light output.