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6500 Deluxe Gear Plate Assembly- Galvanized

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The 6,500 lb. Deluxe Gear Plate Assembly features no steel on steel moving parts. 6,500 lb. rating. Includes extended block worm assembly, 96-tooth cast iron worm gear assembly, 10 in. aluminum die-cast hoist pulley, AX-34 – 34″ flat-plate hoist drive belt, and galvanized backplate.

Extended Block Worm Assembly
The Extended Block Worm Assembly is a replacement part for the BH-35, BH-45, BH-65, BH-75, & BH-85 deluxe and advanced series boat hoists. Features an industry-standard 2 in. bearing block. Made from 6061-T6 US aluminum. The bronze worm mounted onto a hardened drive shaft sits inside the blocks. Factory assembled. The flange bushes are used on the blocks. Features easy-to-reach 1/4 in. grease fittings. Preassembled and greased for quick replacement on the hoist. Designed with an aluminum worm cover.

96 Tooth Cast Iron Worm Gear Assembly
The 96 Tooth Cast Iron Worm Gear Assembly, also referred to as a bull-gear, is designed to fit any BH-USA flat-plate boat hoists. The worm gear mounts on the top of the gear plate. Grease fitting installed on the drive pipe opening. Includes install sleeve, backplate bearing with snap rings, and axle sleeve bolt. Match a cast iron gear with a steel bronze worm.

10″ Aluminum Die-Cast Hoist Pulley
The 10″ Aluminum Die-Cast Hoist Pulley is made from an aluminum die-casting process. Used on BH-USA Flat Plate hoists for more than 15 years. The design is much stronger in marine environments and Won’t swell or bend. Belt-gripping technology featured on the inside of the pulley helps eliminate belt slippage. Fits any known flat-plate hoists. Warping resistant. Deeper fit for drive belts. .750″ bore. Accepts up to 1/2″ drive belt.

AX-34 – 34″ Flat Plate Hoist Drive Belt
The AX-34 – 34″ Flat Plate Hoist Drive Belt is a standard fit for BH-USA boat hoists. The belt fits around the 2 in. motor pulley and the 10 in. gear pulley. The motor mounts to the flat-plate gear plate assembly. The motor turns the motor pulley. The cogs in the belt grip and turn the gear pulley. The gear pulley turns the bushing to move the drive pipe. Tightly forms into the groves of the pulley. Designed with Anti-break technology. Cogged for true grip.

  • 6,500 lb. straight line capacity
  • Assembled and tested under load before shipping
  • No steel-on-steel moving parts
  • Includes 10 in. hoist pulley and 34 in. hoist belt
  • Features industry-standard mounting holes
  • Life Time Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Rated Capacity: 6,500 lbs.
  • Tested Capacity: Straight line
  • Gear Plate Dimensions: 2 ft. x 1 ft.
  • Bull Gear Ratio: 96:1
  • Back Plate Bearing:  Bronze Composite
  • 96 Tooth Gear Material:  Cast Iron
  • Worm Material: Hardened Bronze
  • Hoist Pulley Size: 10 in.
  • Hoist Pulley Material: Zinc die-cast
  • Drive Belt Size: 34 in.
  • Drive Belt Type: AX-34 cogged belt
  • Weight: 34-47 lbs.
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Manufacturer: BH-USA