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Flat-Plate Hoist Back Cover (New Style)

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Flat-Plate Hoist Back Cover Fits all flat-plate hoists made by BH-USA. Designed from high-density plastic. UV inhibitors are molded into the product. In harsh marine environments, the cover provides protection. The front cover requires Flat-Plate Hoist Cover Mounting Kit (#BH07299) to mount together with the flat-plate hoist back cover. Cover Installation 1)-Remove the flat-plate hoist first. (The drive pipe should exit the back of the hoist.) 2)-Install the back cover, if applicable. (Ensure it lines up with the drive pipe hole.) 3)-Attach hoist cover mounting kit in proper holes. 4)-Mount the front cover to the flat-plate hoist. (When paired with a back cover, it snaps together.) 5)- Attach the flat-plate hoist to the drive pipe again. (Ensure the back cover is between the hoist and the drive pipe) New Style Covers Dimensions: 18 1/4 in. x 30 in. Weight: 1.55 lbs. Material: High-density plastic Color(s): Black / Gray Inhibitor Type: UV Inhibitor Application: Molded-in Mounting Fasteners: Not included Requires Mounting Hardware: Yes Back Cover: Not included BH-USA front covers will only work with BH-USA back covers and will not work with other brands. Front covers will work with existing stainless cover mounting hardware in most cases.