GEM GR2A Double Motor Remote with Auto Stop Capability

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With a single touch of the button, your boat lift will raise and lower to preset positions. No more holding the button down while waiting for the lift. A device called a limit switch attaches to the boat lift and counts how far the lift has traveled up or down. Call us to check compatibility with your lift.

If you purchase a GEM remote with Auto Stop, you will need to choose the type of limit switch that fits the boat hoist that you have. See the limit switches below.

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KFLS for flat-plate drives

KALS for BH-USA A-Drive

KELS for Aqua Marine E-Gears

KRLS universal for all boat lifts (may require some modification to the lift)

  • Wireless operation for a boat lift with 1 or 2 motors
  • One-touch operation for raising or lowering the boat lift
  • Configurable limit switch to set the up position and down position
  • 120v or 240v operation
  • Backup manual operation
  • Lockable remote control box

1 year manufacturer's warranty