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The HYDROFENDER UltraFender is a versatile and high-quality solution for dock protection. Crafted from UV-resistant polyethylene, this fender offers superior flexibility and durability. With a length of approximately four feet, it features a unique bend in the middle, allowing for seamless installation around inside and outside corners. For added convenience, it can also be separated into two pieces, providing enhanced flexibility to meet your specific needs.
Like all our boat and dock protection products, the HYDROFENDER UltraFender is designed with a bull-nosed shape to minimize the impact of slamming against the dock. Whether you have a traditional 2 x 6 header on your dock or a different setup, this fender is a versatile and reliable choice for safeguarding your boat and dock.

Please note that mounting hardware is not included, as the HYDROFENDER UltraFender is compatible with various types of docks and mooring options.

Experience the flexibility and superior protection offered by the HYDROFENDER UltraFender, your go-to solution for safeguarding your boat and dock.

HYH Part Number: DA-0040

  • Step-up edging alternative for traditional rub rail
  • Bull-nosed to prevent "slamming" on the dock
  • Easily separates into two sections for sizing
  • Designed to easily attach to a 2x6 header (5.5" flat back)