All Hands on Deck: Family Boating

Most boat lovers are well aware of the chores that come along with owning a boat. From simple tasks such as cleaning to larger tasks such as loading the boat into the water, kids want to feel as if they are included in the process. As children grow older, giving them more responsibility on the boat should be encouraged. Start with little jobs to empower them to feel as if they’ve accomplished something large out on the water. Check out these age-appropriate tips to help your kids become more responsible while on the water.


Cleaning does not always entail a deep clean on the boat, instead simply give your child a washcloth and allow them to wipe down the vinyl seats and interior parts of the boat.

Assist the Captain

Helping the captain can come with more responsibility than what we may initially believe. This not only includes sitting in the captain’s seat. Instead, this includes helping prep meals, coolers, sunscreen bags, and more to ensure they have everything they may need. By assisting the captain, your children can also be used as an extra set of eyes for watersports or family members wading in the water.

Handling Lines

In order to begin teaching your children how to handle lines, start with learning how to tie essential knots, allowing them to tie up loose lines. One day, they will be able to tackle larger tasks such as helping the captain dock the boat.

Navigating the Water

Learning to navigate the water is an extremely important requirement for boat owners. It is never too early to teach your children the rules of the water by carefully instructing them on how to steer properly. Children must learn to keep an eye out for other boats, channel markers, and buoys.

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