Boat Lift and Dock Preparation for Hurricanes

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The east coast is in the middle of peak hurricane season according to the National Hurricane Center, and with these massive storms occurring what seems like every year now, understanding how to prepare your boat docks and lifts for the aggressive weather is important. Knowing how to properly tie things down, move items around, and actively check for wear and tear can be the difference between your boat and dock staying sturdy in the severe weather or losing your entire investment and wreaking havoc on surrounding structures.

Preemptive Damage Control

The hot summer sun and the currents of running water can erode dock and lift components without warning. Years of this constant wear and tear can leave your boat storage at risk of undergoing devastation that can be time-consuming and expensive to correct. Having your dock, lift, and other storage accessories inspected by a professional to ensure they are in good condition and won’t break apart and cause excessive damage. If your docks, gangways, and lifts are already showing weak spots, this is the time to repair or rebuild using storm-resistant components and correct piling height.

Store Boats Ashore

Your lift has kept your beautiful vessel -just that, beautiful- all season long, but leaving your boat exposed to hurricane-force winds and rainfall can result in immense damage. Keeping your boat hoisted on the lift could lead to consequences such as constant rocking motion leading to a damaged hull, boats taken by the storm surge, or your boat filling with rainwater and collapsing the lift. Storing vessels ashore, as high up on land as possible, strapped down with jack stands and anchors can be the difference between slight storm damage and losing your entire investment.

Clearing the Dock

Family docks are great areas for storing water toys and accessories, however, during storm surges and extreme gusts of wind, these components are at greater risk of being damaged or lost. According to The National Weather Service, tropical storm winds begin at 39 miles per hour. Unsecured items undergoing these winds can become projectiles and often result in additional damage. The best course of action is to remove anything that could be lifted by the wind and store it in safe quarters such as a garage or storage unit. After removing the boat, lower the cradles below the water level, to keep it from swinging in the wind. Removing boat lift motors, gearboxes, and switches and moving them into a dry safe place ensures that none of the particles in the water can clog or surge the unit.

Boat Lift Warehouse

Boat Lift Warehouse in Snow Hill, NC has been serving customers worldwide since 2004. We provide you with boat lifts, boat lift motors, parts, and accessories and we are dedicated to finding our customers the best products to survive hurricane seasons to come. Start your dock and lift preparation for hurricanes today and Contact us for all your boat lift and marine accessory needs for a safe and sound hurricane season.

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