What type of boat lifts are you looking for?

Boat Lifts

Aluminum Boathouse Lift

Aluminum boathouse lifts are sturdy, dependable, and will keep your boat out of the water when not in use. Find your next boat lift today!

Center Mounted Boathouse Lifts

Center mounted boathouse lifts allow for a load free lift, making them able to lift large boats. Find out more today to find the perfect lift!

Dual Side Boathouse Lifts

Dual side boathouse lifts are a great way to have easy access to your boat in your boathouse. Find out more today and purchase a lift!

Pontoon Boathouse Lifts

Get your pontoon boat lifts from Boat Lift Warehouse today to start keeping your boat out of the water and away from harm!

Single Side Boathouse Lifts

Single side boathouse lifts are both affordable and easy to maneuver. They allow you to access your boat from your boathouse easily, find out more!


Boat davits are a small crane that lifts your boat out of the water to keep it safe from changing tides and damaging waves. Find yours today!

Elevator Lifts

Elevator boat lifts work by moving your boat vertically in and out of the water. These lifts are great for changing tides! Find yours today!

Dock Mounted

A dock mounted boat lift allows you to access your boat all without touching the water. Find your perfect boat lift today!

Free Standing

Free standing boat lifts are a great addition to any boat owner’s land. Whether you have a dock or not, they will make getting out on the water a breeze!

Pile Mounted

Pile mounted lake boat lifts are easy to install to any existing piles you have along your dock. Find your next boat lift today!

4-Piling Lifts

4- piling boat lifts, or as some say, 4 Post Boat Lifts, have been the standard of choice for coastal boat owners for as long as anyone can remember and they are just as good of a choice for inland boat owners as well.  Strong and reliable, simple and safe are the cornerstones of design for this lift. Although all 4 piling boatlifts have a similar design and have no part of the actual lift in the water when in the raised position,  all 4-piling boat lifts are not created equal! We are proud to say our lifts are as good as any and better than most.  No hollow promises here, just the truth!

There are lots of options and accessories for this type of lift.  See individual product pages for more information. If you have any questions just give us a call!  Whether your boat is 6,000 lbs or 80,000 lbs, we have a boat lift for you!

Typically ship in 3-4 days.

Note: The availability of 4-piling lifts depends on location, and in some areas, this product is available exclusively through a local dealer. For availability and for lifts larger than 16,000 lbs, please contact us for more information.

Single Pile Mount Lifts

A single pile mount boat lift is great for smaller vessels such as jet skis or skiffs. Purchase your next boat lift today from Boat Lift Warehouse!

Boat lifts are a great way to keep your boat safe and out of the water when not in use.  We inventory many types and styles and cater to the do-it-yourself boat lift customer with direct pricing!  The DIY boat lift individual is smart not to waste time with used boat lifts.  The fact that a used boat lift does not have a warranty is one thing, but more importantly, the possibility of missing parts or worn-out parts that may no longer be available or can’t be found is even worse. Be safe, be smart, by buying boat lifts for sale here at Boat Lift Warehouse!  Check out Boat Lift Warehouse’s expansive inventory of options!