Boat Lift Maintenance Procedures

Owning a boat lift makes taking your boat out on the water much more enjoyable, but only if the lift is working properly. In order to ensure that your lift functions as expected, you must perform regular maintenance. Here are some common procedures to keep in mind when doing your routine boat lift maintenance:

Lift Cables

Check your lift cables for broken strands, fraying, rust spots, kinks, or any other sign of wear and make sure that they are winding properly. If you notice any of these signs, contact a professional to see if you need a cable replacement. Make sure that you wash the cables with fresh water each time you use your boat lift, as saltwater can corrode the cables. You may also consider using a penetrating oil to lubricate the cables, which will protect against corrosion and provide lubrication to the inside strands as well as remove contaminants from external surfaces. It is typically recommended to replace stainless steel cables after two years of use.

Lift Beams

Lift beams must be rinsed regularly in order to prevent salt and barnacles from building up on the surface, causing corrosion and accelerated weakening of the beams. Keep your lift beams out of the water when not in use and make sure to rinse the beams with fresh water each time you use the lift.


Examine the bunks of your boat lift for any tears or worn areas and check out the wood for broken, cracked, or rotted areas. Inspect the bunk brackets for cracks and signs of wear. Adjust the bunk brackets’ position and make sure the hardware is tightened.


Make sure to check your pulleys for grease. If the sheaves and bolts are not greased about every 4 to 6 months, the friction between the sheaves and sheave mounts can increase and cause the sheaves to squeak and seize up.

Drive Pipe Bearing Block

It is also recommended to grease all grease points every 4 to 6 months so the motors can operate to their fullest potential. Without being greased, there is more friction between the drive pipe and bearing, which can increase the risk of failure.

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