Boat Lift Warehouse Shares Boat Name Inspiration

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There’s no better feeling than watching someone crane their neck at your boat going by in the water, especially if it’s because your boat has a catchy, clever name. A boat’s name is often a representation of its owner’s life experiences, yet it can still be super simple. As your local boat lift provider, Boat Lift Warehouse is here to share some tips on coming up with a standout boat name.

First and foremost, it is important to recognize that a boat name is more than just a few words written on the side of it; a boat’s name is used in communication with the Coast Guard in case of emergency. Before you decide on what to name your boat, we recommend looking through a boat name database to determine what the most popular boat names are in your particular area. If you pick a name that is too popular, you could confuse people on the VHF marine radio.

With the same sentiment in mind that your boat’s name could be used in a distress call to the Coast Guard, a super lengthy name is probably not ideal. We encourage you to imagine situations in which you would hear your boat name. If you think your boat name is a mouth full, other boaters over the radio most likely will too.

Boat Lift Warehouse wants both your boat lift and boat name to be fan favorites. Here are some ideas to inspire your boat name:

Whether you’re a workaholic with a job-related boat name or the sentimental type with a boat name after your first mate (hello brownie points), we want you to be proud of whatever name you choose. You just have to make your boat’s name official with the USCG. Contact Boat Lift Warehouse, your local boat lift provider, for all the boat accessories you need today!

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