Can I Install a Boat Lift by Myself?

Can I Install a Boat Lift by Myself?

Boat lifts are amazing tools to keep your boat safe from harm. Protection from high water and bumps or scrapes along the dock make sure that your boat stays in pristine condition year-round. However, boat lifts can be a significant investment and, as such, you may be trying to save money elsewhere, such as installation. Wondering ‘Can I install a boat lift by myself?’ is natural but before you grab your toolkit you should consider the ins and outs of the boat lift installation and Boat Lift Warehouse is here to help!

The first aspect you need to think about before considering ‘Can I install a boat lift by myself?’ is if you have a solid structure for your lift and if it is strong enough to support the weight necessary? If the answer is no, you need to contact a qualified Installer. If your piles, dock/seawall, or boathouse is strong enough then you can move forward with installation plans.

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Here are some more things to consider before deciding to install your boat lift by yourself.


Do you have the right tools for the job? You need to consider if you have the proper tools needed for your particular boat lift and application. For example,  for some boat lifts you may need a drill and bit that is capable of drilling through a 10-12″ piling.


Do I have the access I need to install my boat lift? If you cannot complete installation from the shore side then consider if you can work from a floating dock or boat, or if the water is shallow enough that you can work off a scaffolding.

Proper Help

Do I have someone to help me? With few exceptions, you will need at least two people to help install most lifts. I-beams can be long and heavy and you will need help for placement. It’s also handy to have someone to hold things in place while drilling and mounting.

Electrical Needs

Do I need electricity? Unless you are installing a manual lift, you will need electricity. If you are uncertain of the available voltage or wire size, you will need to contact an electrician before you install your lift.

Technical Skill

Arguably, the most important thing to consider before you attempt a self-installation on your boat lift would be the technical skill. Boat lifts require knowledge of many different fields. This includes construction, motor knowledge, and electrical work. The ability to run the wires for the control box, securely install the lift, and ensure the motors are in working order are all part of the equation. If you have any doubt you can handle it safely, it would be wise to leave it to professionals who have the equipment and experience to do the job right.

Can I install a boat lift by myself | Boat Lift Warehouse

Installing a boat lift is an incredibly worthy investment, as it can prevent more significant damage from occurring to your boat. Many people install their boat lifts themselves, however, if you could not adequately answer any of the questions above, it would be best to leave your installation to a marine contractor. For answers to questions such as ‘can I install a boat lift by myself?’ and more, visit the Boat Lift Warehouse website today!

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