Do You Need a Permit To Build a Dock?

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When you invest in a waterfront home, you will most likely want to spend the majority of your time by the water. One of the best ways to do this is by building a dock! Just like with many other large investments, having a boat dock requires you to be educated on the rules and regulations that are associated with building a dock. A question we come across often is, “Do I need a permit to build a dock?” In addition to our boat lifts for sale and a variety of dock accessories, Boat Lift Warehouse is offering answers for all of you today, too!

A dock permit simply allows you to build and own a private dock on your property. If you have ever dealt with a homeowners association, then you understand the importance of keeping in line with the rules and regulations surrounding your home; it is the same concept for docks. If you want to build a dock, it is your responsibility to research when and where dock permits are required. Also, your dock must abide by the CAMA rules associated with docking facilities.

Types Of CAMA Permits: 

Our Boat Lift Warehouse team wants our customers to know how to properly document their docks so that they can accompany one of our boat lifts for sale. Although it may seem like a challenge to keep up with CAMA’s rules and regulations, a quick online search can put you on the right path to learning your state-specific dock regulations. We recommend doing a broad search at first for your state’s regulations then narrowing in on your specific county or city.

Since dock permit policies vary throughout the states, it is essential for everyone who is considering building a dock to read into their state’s rules and regulations. Although it may seem like a tedious process to be approved for a dock permit, these permits protect natural water systems in our environment.

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Our dedicated team at Boat Lift Warehouse has been providing quality boat lift solutions in eastern North Carolina since 2004. Allow us to help you navigate the somewhat challenging, choppy waters of obtaining a dock permit by calling us today at (877) 468-5438. Our goal is to assist you in selecting which of our products is right for you, including one of our many boat lifts for sale!

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