Electric or Manual Boat Lifts: The Choice is Yours

Electric or Manual Boat Lifts: The Choice is Yours

Are you trying to decide between a manual or electric boat lift? Each has its own advantages and drawbacks; ultimately, it is up to the boat owner to determine which is best suited for their needs. One key factor to consider is whether or not you have access to electricity. This blog will provide you with the necessary information to help you make the right decision and will highlight some products from Boat Lift Warehouse that may be ideal for you.

An electric boat lift motor is required for larger lifting applications, such as four-piling and elevator lifts, due to the substantial weight to be lifted. When selecting a Personal Watercraft (PWC) lift for a jet ski or small boat, one can purchase either a manual or electric boat lift. Manual lifts are operated with a wheel and require physical effort, while electric winches are more convenient as they do not require manual operation. However, they require access to a power source, resulting in the need for additional maintenance.

Manual Winch

Manual winches are simple and straightforward to use and are the correct choice if there is no access to electricity. You turn the wheel, and even a novice user, such as a teenager, can efficiently operate the winch. The manual winch is designed to provide an efficient and convenient means of lifting and is an affordable alternative to electric winches, with no need for costly and complicated wiring.

MiniMaxx piling mount pwc lift with manual winch

Electric Winches

When it comes to electric boat lifts, there are two main options: belt drive and direct drive. The belt drive system uses a belt and pulley to power the lift and is an economical choice. On the other hand, direct drive systems attach the motor directly to the winch, which can be pricier, but requires less maintenance and often looks more attractive. Regardless of your choice, you will need access to an electrical source to operate the boat lift motor.

Mini Maxx Piling mount PWC lift with Belt Drive    MiniMaxx Direct Drive | Boatlift Warehouse

MiniMaxx PWC Lift

One product that would be great, whether you want an electric boat lift motor or a manual winch, is the Mini MAXX Lake Dock Lift. With a 1200-pound lifting capacity and the ability to hold a boat up to 5 ft wide, this lift suits most dockside solutions. Tide Tamer has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing lifts that you can trust. This lift is the easiest to install and use; it ships pre-assembled and is equipped with a manual winch, an electric belt drive, or a low-maintenance direct drive. The lift is constructed of welded, marine-grade aluminum and designed to provide a low-profile lifting solution.

Boat Lift Warehouse carries a host of electric boat lift motors, PWC lifts, winches, and drives. Search our website for more options and details. We’re here to help, and along those lines, we have a feature to help you locate what you need and request an estimate.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us or stop by and see us at our location in Snow Hill, NC.


This blog was originally posted in November of 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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