Mastering the Art of Jet Ski Docking: How to Dock a Jet Ski Safely

Mastering the Art of Jet Ski Docking: How to Dock a Jet Ski Safely

Although it may be challenging, it is essential to dock a jet ski correctly to prevent harm to the jet ski or lift. There are a few various ways to dock a jet ski, but the most crucial aspect is to approach the lift slowly and with caution. We will go over the steps of how to dock a jet ski on a jet ski lift in this article.

What is a jet ski lift?

A jet ski lift is a platform you drive your jet ski onto so it can be lifted and stored out of the water. This is a convenient way to keep your jet ski safe and dry when you’re not using it, and it can also help to prolong the life of your jet ski by protecting it from salt water and waves.

How to dock a jet ski on a jet ski lift

If you have a jet ski with a hull in good condition, you can follow these tips to dock your jet ski on a jet ski lift.

1. Align the jet ski with the bunks on your lift as you approach.

2. Reduce the throttle and let the jet ski drift slowly towards the dock lift. Do not yank up on the throttle as this might make the jet ski nose up and hard to control.

3. As the front of the jet ski approaches the lift you may slightly feel the bunks guide the jet ski to the center.  It is important the PWC lift is lowered in the right position for this to work. If it is not low enough you can not get the PWC over the bunks, but too low and it will be hard to center.

4. When parking your PWC on your lift it is very important to center it between the bunks, but it is equally important to center the PWC lengthwise based on the center of gravity, not the physical length of the PWC.

5. Once you’re in position, raise the lift enough to stabilize the PWC well, then turn off the engine and engage the kill switch (if there is one).

Tips for docking your jet ski to a floating dock

As you approach the jet ski lift, do so gradually and align your jet ski parallel to the dock and at a safe distance away from it. Ensure that the hull is lined up with the dock’s cushions or fenders and secure your PWC to the dock.  If you struggle with how to tie your rope so it doesn’t work loose, here’s a link for “Boating Knots for Beginners.”

Boat Lift Warehouse

While it seems daunting at first, parking on a jet ski lift isn’t so scary. If you have completed all of the steps above successfully, parking your jet ski on the lift should be no problem. Boat Lift Warehouse has all the parts, accessories, and helpful advice to make docking your jet ski easier. Spend less time docking and more time on the water.


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