Personal Watercraft Lifts aka PWC Lifts

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We carry several different types of PWC crafts here at Boat Lift Warehouse, of which you can read about below.

Pile Mounted Lifts

Pile mounted lifts, are just as they say. They have to be professionally installed on a pile that is correctly installed. We currently have many different types of pile mounted lifts in our offerings, several of which are on sale. One variant being the Mini Maxx Lake Dock Lift, and the other being the Tide Tamer Swinger Lift. Both list for under $2500 and are a great solution to your PWC lift needs.

Dock Mounted Lifts

We carry several dock mounted lifts as well, here at Boat Lift Warehouse. The Tide Tamer Swinger Lift’s patented design allows it to be the only PWC lift on the market that stays completely out of the water when it is raised. The lift’s 1500 lbs. capacity is great for 4-seater and large 3-seater PWC’s. The lift can also handle small boats up to 7ft wide and 1500 lbs. The lift mounts to a piling or concrete seawall and can rotate 180 degrees for maintenance or storage.

Rotating PWC Lift

Tide Tamer Galvanized Steel Lifts are also a big hit and constructed by Tide Tamer. Available in both belt drive and direct drive, the lift is ready to suit your needs. Patented design to mount totally out of the water. Holds up to a 7′ wide boat, up to 16ft long. It features completely carpeted bunk boards & has 8-1/2 of travel mounts to a piling or concrete seawall. Hefty hoist electric drive is standard and is shown with the optional aluminum direct drive & enclosed gearbox to eliminate greasing.

Free Standing PWC Lifts

We sell two types of free standing lifts. One being the ShoreMaster 1055 PWC Lift. ShoreMaster’s simple design, all-aluminum cantilever PWC lift is easy to crank and simple to install. There are fewer moving parts to wear and break down so maintenance is better over time. The cantilever design makes lifting your watercraft easier than other vertical lifts. This lift is lightweight so shipping is fast and inexpensive.

These are just a few of our offerings in the world of PWC lifts, please visit the PWC category for more options and information. As always, contact us with any questions you might have.

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