Best PWC Lifts for Sale

Best PWC Lifts for Sale

You have a jet ski, otherwise known as a Personal Watercraft, and you want to protect it. No one wants to spend good money on their pwc just to have it ruined by corrosion and algae. So, what you need now is to keep your PWC out of the water with a PWC lift. We carry several different types of PWC lifts at Boat Lift Warehouse, and we’ll take a look at the different kinds to help you figure out the best PWC lifts for sale and the one that’s right for you.

Pile Mounted PWC Lifts

Pile Mounted PWC Lifts, as the name suggests, are designed to be mounted to a piling. Depending on the area you are in this may be called a post mount lift and the piling or post may be wood, metal, or concrete. The size required depends on the strength needed to support the weight capacity of the lift you purchase. An 8 to 10-inch piling is common for many applications, see the requirements tab on our lift pages for more information.

We have many different Pile Mounted PWC Lifts with multiple versions of each available. As with everything we offer at BLW, all of these PWC lifts are the highest quality products you can find anywhere, and with a starting price under $1,900 you can see we have the best prices too.

Dock Mounted PWC Lifts

Many of our PWC Lifts are designed to work as a piling mount or a dock/seawall mount, you just have to choose which version you need when you purchase the lift. Two of our most popular PWC Lifts are the Mini Maxx Lake Dock Lift and the Tide Tamer Swinger Lifts. These lifts are in high demand, but we have them in stock and they typically have a lead time of 3 to 5 days to ship.

The Mini Maxx is one of the most economical lifts on the market and the ease of installing it makes it one of the most popular lifts for the “Do It Yourself” crowd! With a 1200 lbs capacity, it is a strong, reliable option.

Rotating PWC Lifts

The Tide Tamer Swinger Lift is the original rotating lift and has been the first choice for marine contractors for over 20 years. The Swinger PWC lift stays completely out of the water when it is raised, making it the obvious choice for anyone in salt or brackish water.

The lift’s 1500 lbs. capacity is great for 4-seater and large 3-seater PWCs. The lift can also handle small boats up to 7ft wide, 16 feet long, and up to 1500 lbs. The lift mounts to a piling or concrete seawall and can rotate 180 degrees for easy access for fueling your PWC or maintenance.

In some areas, this lift is especially desirable because when rotated over your dock it doesn’t cover any more surface area of your water, helping tremendously with permitting and in some areas eliminating the need for a permit altogether. (Check your local permitting rules)

Free Standing PWC Lifts

This type of PWC lift is popular in areas where it is necessary to remove the lift from the water during the winter.  The lift rests on the lake bed on adjustable legs and feet, this allows the user to make adjustments for unlevel ground.

These lifts are strong and durable and are easy to install. Shoremaster is the premier manufacturer of these types of lifts and we offer their ShoreMaster 1200 PWC Lift.

ShoreMaster’s simple cantilever design makes lifting your watercraft easier than similar vertical-style lifts. This all-aluminum cantilever PWC lift is lightweight so shipping is fast and inexpensive. This style of lift also comes in larger weight capacities for boats.

Drive on PWC Lifts

While technically not a “lift,” the ShorePort PWC Drive-on Dock is a great choice for protecting your PWC like a lift does. Here are a few pros and cons for your consideration.  One of the first things that come to mind about this product is the ease of installation. There isn’t anything you can find that is easier to install than this, I mean, you float it in position and either attach it to your dock or attach pipe brackets to secure it in position.

Also, not needing electricity is a huge factor in some situations. No worry about power outages, motors or switches, or waiting for it to lift your PWC – you simply drive it on, get off, and tie it off to the cleat. As for the cons, there aren’t many, but if you are in really rough water, or in salt water this product isn’t a great option.

These are just a few of our offerings in the world of PWC lifts, please visit the PWC category for more options and information. As always, contact us with any questions you might have.

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