Preparing Your Boat and Dock for Hurricane Season

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While summer brings tons of fun out on the water, it also brings hurricane season. Hurricane season can be dangerous wherever you live, but people who have real estate close to water are at a significantly higher risk of damage from hurricane weather. Boat Lift Warehouse is an expert at boat lifts maintenance, repair, and preparation for storm season. Here are some valuable tips that may keep your boat and dock safe for the season.

Keep Your Dock Inspected

If your dock is in poor condition, it may not be able to withstand the extreme conditions of hurricanes or severe weather. Having your dock inspected ahead of the game will prevent you from having to deal with more damage after hurricane season. Not only will your dock be strengthened and prepared for any bad weather, but the strength of the boat lifts will be reinforced.

Don’t Rock the Boat, Baby!

The first thing that all boat owners must do is secure any essential or important documents regarding your boat or any other information in a safe location on land. Making sure that you have pictures of your boat, boat lifts, dock, and other accessories are important for insurance purposes. Along with this, copies of insurance policies are ideal.

Remove any equipment that is detachable that might fly away┬áin high-force winds. Anything that cannot be removed should be reinforced and tied down. Seal off all doors, windows, hatches, and other cubbies. Finally, be sure to shut off your boat’s fuel lines.

What About the Boat Lift?

If you can, remove the boat from the location where the hurricane is projected to take place. If this is not an option, the next best solution may be to store the boat on land to reduce damage. If you must leave your boat on the lift, raise it as high as possible and secure the cradle so that it does not swing.

Boat Lift Warehouse | Eastern NC

At Boat Lift Warehouse, we want to help you keep you, your family and your belongings secure this hurricane season. Check out the CDC’s blog on preparing for a hurricane. Visit our website for more safety tips and tricks.

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