Prepping Your Boat for a Hurricane

Prepping Your Boat for a Hurricane

Hurricanes usually impact the United States between the months of June and November. They are storms that brew over warm bodies of water and weaken once they hit land. Coastlines are major hotspots for hurricane damage, and anything in or around the water is susceptible to damage. From docks to boat lifts, it’s important to make sure you and your property are prepared for anything that might come ashore.

Don’t wait until hurricane season to prepare

Make sure you have a plan for your boat and equipment before the storms come. The further out you plan, the more likely you will have a place to put everything. It also makes things easier once the storm does come; you know where everything is going and how long it takes to pack and unpack it.

Move as much of your boating equipment on land as possible

The oceans can easily damage your equipment, especially with hurricane-force winds and waves. Moving your boat as far inland as possible gives it a better rate of survival and minimal damage. Bring in anything that isn’t bolted down, like safety equipment. Make sure that your boat lift is up as high as it can go.

Be smart when you moor

If you have to moor, moor it wisely. Make sure that there is minimal chance for damage and that your boat is covered from all angles. Wind will be coming in from everywhere, so be careful to make sure that little to no wind can get to your boat.

Use multiple anchors in the water

If you have no other option but to anchor, select a safe location, where the size of the waves won’t get too large. Use two or three anchors and chain them together.

Reduce drag against the wind

Anything that catches the wind can be moved or cause damage. Stow away any sails or canvases that could be blown away. Make sure that nothing on your boat could be damaged, even if the boat itself isn’t. Double-check that everything is secure and protected from the heavy rains, winds, and waves you’re about to encounter.

Boat Lift Warehouse has everything you need to have a great summer. When you go to pick out your next boat lift, ask us about tips for keeping your gear safe during dangerous storms.

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