4 Types of Boat Lift Motors

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The motor is the heart of your boat lift, it’s important you have a good reliable motor so you spend less time working on your lift and more time ON the water!   At Boat Lift Warehouse we offer a variety of boat lift motors that are sure to meet your needs and keep your lift working. They are all quality-made, and durable. We offer the following four main types of boat lift motors:

Footed Motors

C-Faced Motors

Free Standing Boat Lift Motors

Floating Boat Lift Motors

Let’s explore a little more about each of these motors and which one is the right fit for you.

Footed Motors

Footed boat lift motors work on hoists that use a belt and pulley to operate your hoist. They have a base plate (or foot) on the bottom that bolts to your hoist.

We offer the Industry favorite Leeson motor in the footed category as well as the Marathon Footed Motors, Elite Footed Motors, and AO Smith Replacement Motors. They are available in ¾, 1, and 1.5 horsepower models.  All of these footed motors are standard NEMA 56 frame and will mount to any flat-plate hoist. They also have a totally enclosed, non-vented housing (TENV) to prevent dirt and insects from entering. These motors operate at 1725 RPM which is standard for most everything in the Boat Lift Industry.

Our AO Smith motors are now marketed under the label Aqua Marine. The manufacturer changed the wiring for the motors from terminal blocks to standard color-coded wires a couple of years ago, which makes them much easier to wire!

The AO Smith replacement motor by Aqua Marine is also the only footed motor available in a 48 frame. They are most likely found on PWC Lifts that use a Hefty Hoist. To learn more about the difference between 48 Frame and 56 Frame motors check out the diagram on our AO Smith motor page.

C-Faced Motors

C-Face boat lift motors are used on Direct Drive Hoists. They operate by inserting the shaft on these motors directly in the gearbox of the drive.

Boat Lift Warehouse offers the Leeson Stainless Steel C-Face motor that has been among the most reliable and most popular in the industry year after year. It is available in 3/4, 1, and 2 horsepower models.

The motor is equipped with a housing that helps prevent dirt, dust, and bugs from getting inside your motor casing. Not only does this keep your motor clean, but it extends the life of your boat lift motor! It is also NEMA, UL listed, and CSA approved.

The C-Face motor has wiring diagrams and instructions for easy self-installation, you can find these instructions by going to the Leeson C-Face motor page.

Be sure to purchase the correct wiring harness for the safe and proper installation of your boat lift motor.

 Free Standing Boat Lift Motors

We offer the Boat Lift Boss and the Lift Mate Boat Lift Motors for Free Standing lifts. They are both made by Shoremaster.

The Boat Lift Boss is designed to replace the hand crank wheel that comes with your lift. It is a complete unit that comes in several different control configurations.

The Lift Mate is a different type of solution. It uses the existing winch and wheel on your lift. The Lift Mate mounts next to your wheel and actually turns your wheel.

See our Free Standing Boat Lift Motors blog to read more about these types of lifts.

Floating Boat Lift Motors

We offer replacement Blower Motors for Floating Boat Lifts. Floating Boat Lift Motors are very simple and easy to install. They simply move air to displace water in your floats. Buy your replacement Blower Motor on our Floating Lift Motors page.

So, be sure to reach out to Boat Lift Warehouse for all your boat lift motor needs!

Contact us for more information or to order today.

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