A.O. Smith Replacement Motors

Starting at: $279.99$259.99

AOS Replacement 3/4HP Motor ONLY TENV 48 Frame $269.00
AOS Replacement 3/4HP Motor ONLY TENV 56 Frame $259.99
AOS Replacement 1HP Motor RD – TENV 56 FR $289.99
AOS Replacement 1HP Motor HEAVY DUTY 56 FR – TENV $394.99
AOS Replacement 1-1/2HP TENV Motor ONLY – 56 FR $589.99


2 year extended warranty$24.99
3 Year Extended Warranty$34.99


A.O. Smith, now Century, is known in the boat lift industry for the reliability and longevity of their boat lift motors and has been a great choice for many years. These replacement motors come with fully enclosed non-vented housing (TENV) which is especially beneficial for keeping mud daubers from building nests in your motor as they notoriously do.

The A.O. Smith Replacement Motor is available in 48 or 56 frames and is the only motor currently made in the 48 frames for the boat lift industry. This 48 frame A.O. Smith motor is only intended for use with the Hefty Hoist PWC Drive and will not work with a 56 frame hoist. The 48 frame is only available in ¾ hp, while the 56 frame motors come in other horsepower options, including a 1 hp heavy duty motor.

The heavy duty motor has 15% more torque than a regular 1 HP motor and is used on the AMS 6500 flat plate.

Drive pulleys are sold separately.

The A.O. Smith Replacement Motor will not work on a Direct Drive Mount Hoist.

For quick and easy installation, we provide you with the option of having the A.O. Smith Boat Lift Motor Pre-Wired by our own wiring technician. This can help you simplify the installation process and get you up and running even quicker. For this option simply order the A.O. Smith Pre-Wired Motor.

This item is in stock and typically ships in 1-2 days.

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  • 1725 RPMs
  • Fully enclosed non-vented housing
  • Available in 48 and 56 Frames
  • The only 48 Frame motor made for the boat lift industry
  • 48 Frame only available in 3/4 hp
  • 56 Frame available in 3/4, 1, and 1.5 hp
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Pre-wired option



All of our Motors have a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty, if any issues occur please give us a call for technical support before returning your motor.

Optional Extended Limited Warranty (Must be purchased at the same time as the motor)

Starts one year after the purchase date and the manufacturer warranty is no longer in effect.

This warranty applies to manufacturing defects and/or failures in design or fabrication. Repairs or replacement parts will be supplied upon inspecting the product at the option of Boat Lift Warehouse. This warranty does not include shipping costs.

Exclusions apply.

This warranty is void if the unit is improperly installed or maintained. Any changes or alterations to the original design will also void this warranty. The warranty is not transferable.