4-Step Dock Steps with Handrail- Shoremaster


Dock Steps with Handrail


Dock Steps include side handrails and are mounted anywhere along the dock system with accessory brackets. Enjoy convenient and safe access between your dock and the water.

Choose between our 4 step and 6 step Dock Steps.

Requires 2 ShoreMaster Accessory Bracket for attachment to ShoreMaster Infinity Systems dock or 2 PolyDock Products Accessory Connector for attachment to PolyDock system or 2 Rhino Marine Systems Accessory Connector for attachment to a Rhino Dock. Can also be bolted on to other dock systems.

4 step adjusts from 32″ – 44″ (lake bottom to top of dock)

6 Step adjusts from 45′ – 57″  (lake bottom to top of dock)



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