A.O. Smith Pre-Wired Motors

Starting at: $327.52



Take advantage of how easy it is to just bolt on and plug in one of these A.O. Smith Pre-Wired Boat Lift Motors! The A.O. Smith Pre-Wired Boat Lift Motor is a single-phase, reversible motor and is also dual voltage. These pre-wired boat lift motor come wired to a 15 ft harness that includes the drum switch, 110-volt GFCI, and plug.

The Totally Enclosed Non-Vented (TENV) motor is a footed 56 frame that is compatible with almost all boat lift belt-driven flat-plate hoists on the market, including ACE, American Power Hoist, BH-USA, and Hefty Hoist AMS. The motor is wired and tested at Boat Lift Warehouse and the footed motor includes the 2-inch pulley on the shaft.

Does not work on direct drive mount hoists.

PLEASE NOTE : The 48 Frame version is intended for use with the Hefty Hoist PWC drive and will not work with a 56 Frame hoist.

A.O. Smith, now Century, is known for the reliability and longevity of their motors. The A.O. Smith boat lift motor has been a great choice for many years.

We are proud to offer the finest products available at the best prices possible. Our customer service, experience, and product knowledge makes us at Boat Lift Warehouse the clear choice for the DIY individual to get their lift up and running. Your do-it-yourself project will go smoother with less stress knowing you’ll have our excellent staff and resources at boatliftwarehouse.com to back you up!



  • 56 Frame or 48 Frame
  • 1725 RPM
  • TENV housing
  • Single phase
  • 110v or 220v capability
  • Pre-wired with drum switch
  • Comes wired to a 15 ft harness
  • Built-in GFCI
  • Comes with 2-inch motor pulley