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Lift Parts & Accessories


Would you like to make controlling your boat lift a breeze? Boat lift remotes are an essential asset that every boat lift owner should own! These remotes have different customizable options which include features such as auto-stop. Also, you will love the convenience of having the ability to operate up to four motors all at once. Our boat lift remotes are compact and perfect for any boat lift owner. After programming the remote, you will be able to automatically control your boat lift. It has never been easier to lift and lower your boat with the touch of a button. If you need any assistance in choosing the best boat lift remote for you, feel free to give us a call. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you decide which remote is most compatible with your particular boat lift. Do not hesitate to get your boat lift remote today!

Gem Remotes

GEM boat lift remotes provide reliable operating control for your boat lift. Purchase one from Boat Lift Warehouse today for smooth operation!

TEC Remotes

TEC boat lift remotes help you operate your boat lift with the touch of a button. Get your new boat lift remote today from Boat Lift Warehouse!

Motor Pulleys & Belts

Boat lift motor pulleys and belts are essential to the functionality of your boat lift. Replace yours today with Boat Lift Warehouse’s replacement parts

Boat Lift Slings

Boat lift slings are the perfect way to lift your boat out of the water manually. Purchase your boat lift slings today from Boat Lift Warehouse!

Floating Boat Lift Parts

Replacement floating boat lift parts are a great way to spruce up your old boat lift. Upgrade your floating boat lift today with Boat Lift Warehouse!

Cable, Hanger & Rigging Parts

Cable, hanger, and rigging boat lift parts are essential to the safety and efficiency of your lift. Buy your replacement parts from Boat Lift Warehouse!

Cradles, Bunks, & Walkboards

Are your boat lift cradles and bunks rotting or falling apart? Check out Boat Lift Warehouse’s great selection on new boat lift bunks, cradles, and walkboards!

Hoists, Winches & Drives

Purchase new boat lift hoists, winches, and drives from Boat Lift Warehouse to ensure your boat lift is functioning safely!

Boat Hoists

Flat plate boat hoists are the premier way to manually lift your boat out of the water. Purchase one from Boat Lift Warehouse to get started today!

Gear Plates

Hoist Pulleys

Boat hoist pulleys make it easy to move your boat lift in and out of the water, no matter the weight. Get one today from Boat Lift Warehouse!

Motor and Hoist Covers

Purchase boat lift motor covers or hoist covers for your boat lift to keep it safe from weather and other extremities for a long life of use!

Canopy Covers

We have a full selection of sizes and colors to choose from.  Give us a call to learn more.  1-877-GOT – LIFT

Online images and product info coming soon !

Motors and Electrical Controls for Floating Boat Lifts

Floating boat lift motors and electrical controls and other floating boat lift parts are for sale at Boat Lift Warehouse today. Find what you need!

Need replacement boat lift parts? Boat Lift Warehouse has you covered with discount boat lift parts and accessories available for purchase today!