Shoremaster PolyDock

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Shoremaster PolyDock sections are a great choice for nearly any dock application because its modular design is made to last, highly configurable, and easy to add on as your needs change, plus, PolyDock is easy to own because it requires minimal maintenance.

Each PolyDock modular floating dock section consists of a polyethylene single cavity, hollow, non-foam-filled float structure that consists of an integrated deck surface and flotation. The deck surface features a herringbone brick pattern with spaces between each molded brick that are no greater than 3/8″ wide and 1/2″ deep and allow for water drainage from the deck surface. Each brick in the herringbone pattern is approximate 4″ x 8″ except where the full brick pattern is not feasible as part of the pattern. Dock sections have a nominal wall thickness of .250 inches. Due to manufacturing tolerances in the rotational molding process, actual weights and dimensions may vary slightly from those listed.

PolyDock is easy to install and includes easy-to-follow, intuitive instructions. So whether you install PolyDock by yourself, or have someone install it for you, you’ll be enjoying your new PolyDock system in no time.

PolyDock can be configured and reconfigured easily so that it will adapt as your needs change. There are no special tools required to connect PolyDock sections together and adding accessories is quick and easy with connection plates. There are many accessories so your dock can not only be beautiful, but functional as well.

PolyDock is perfectly suited to locations with deep, shallow, or fluctuating water conditions. The composite floating dock sections will not rot, or corrode in harsh marine environments.

PolyDock is designed to be low-maintenance. You do not need to worry about painting or power washing your dock system, just inspect the connections for tightness and enjoy your time on the water.

Shoreports are sold separately.


  3 x 10 PolyDock Section 4 x 6 PolyDock Section 4 x 10 PolyDock Section 5 x 10 PolyDock Section 6 x 8 Poly Dock Section 4' Corner PolyDock Section
Length 123.7" 72.7" 123.7" 123.7" 101.7" Dimensions: 50.5" x 50.5" x 71.48"
Width 36.4" 50.9" 50.9" 65.5" 72.7"  
Height 16.0" 16.0" 16.0" 16.0" 16.0" 16.0"
Actual Weight 200 lbs. 160 lbs. 265 lbs 340 lbs. 330 lbs. 110 lbs. 
Section Capacity 1,875 lbs 1,550 lbs 2,625 lbs 3,375 lbs 3,075 lbs 225 lbs. w/ 8" freeboard

Note: Due to manufacturing tolerances in the rotational molding process actual weights and dimensions may vary.