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TEC Remote Transmitter (TEAR DROP STYLE)

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Replacement for new style TEC transmitter. Comes with programming instructions (instructions can also be found under the instructions tab). If you have a TEC remote installed before 2015, see our TEC New Combo Receiver and Transmitter.

“Designed to Lift–Built to Last”

Handheld Water-Resistant Transmitter
– standard for all New TEC Remotes installed in 2015 or later.
Compatible only with Learn Button style receivers.
Range – Up to 300 Feet.

Q.  Can more than one handheld transmitter be programmed to my remote control unit?

A.  Yes, in Fact with all the receivers we use in our units, up to 20 handheld transmitters can be programmed to your remote at the same time. So it is nice to have an extra transmitter or so to leave in the boat or have a spare.


Q. Is the handheld transmitter waterproof?

A. No, the handheld key chain transmitter is water-resistant. Care should be taken in wet conditions.


Q.  Can I install the remote control unit myself?

A.  The design was made very simple so almost anyone can install these units.  However, please check with your local codes to see if installation by yourself is permitted.


Q.  Is overload protection provided with your units?

A.  No. Overload and short circuit protection (usually a GFCI) must be provided by the installer, separate from the TEC Remote.