Best Products We Look Forward To In 2023

Best Products We Look Forward To In 2023

There is no better way to welcome a new year than beginning the planning process of updating your current boat dock and boat lift with brand-new boat dock accessories. Whether you’re an experienced boater or a first-time captain, Boat Lift Warehouse offers a variety of boat dock and boat lift accessories that are sure to help you get ready for the upcoming season. From power supplies to storage solutions, here’s a look at some of the products we’re excited to show you in 2023.

  1. RailEasy™ Cable Railing System
    This innovative, DIY-friendly rail system is designed to make it easy to install cable railing in almost any situation, such as stairs, angles, and long runs. With the Rail Easy™ cable rail system, you will enjoy years of low maintenance and unobstructed views. Made with Marine-grade steel, these boat dock accessories are built to last.
  2. Classic Coastal Furniture
    Trends come and go, but classic furniture never goes out of style! This is especially true for coastal furniture. If you’re looking to add quality seating to your dock, check out our line of classic, weather-resistant, Adirondack pieces. Whether you’re looking for a romantic swing to watch the sunset or Adirondack chairs for your whole crew, we’ve got Carolina Casual Furniture for you.
  3. HydroPort Jet Ski Drive-on Docks
    These platforms are designed to accommodate the increase in size and capacity of today’s PWCs. The HydroPort series quickly launches your personal watercraft (PWC) to get you out on the water in just seconds without the need for electricity.
  4. Power Pedestals
    These specialized electrical housings are designed to safely provide electricity, internet, water, and cable TV to a dock, marina, or waterside residence. Power Pedestals offer convenient access to these utilities and may offer additional features such as lighting, circuit breakers, and GFCI outlets. These boat dock accessories may even have options for easy removal before storms.
  5. Canopy Covers
    Made from various materials such as canvas, polyester, or vinyl, canopy covers can protect your PWC from the elements while docked. These covers can be easily installed and removed, with some even coming with UV protection to increase their lifespan.
  6. Solar Lighting
    Another planet-friendly product, solar dock lights charge up on the sun’s rays to power their LED bulbs. Not only are these boat dock accessories easy to install, but their sun-powered design means no electricity costs and less maintenance. Whether you’re a night fisherman or you just want to level up your dock, solar lights can beautifully illuminate your property while increasing its value.
  7. Paradise Pad
    These products are a great addition to any family outing. Our range of lake float mats and inflatables creates the ideal lake experience. For those who like to exercise on the water, we offer inflatable stand-up paddleboards and yoga mats. We are also excited to announce the upcoming release of a dog ramp, allowing your furry companion to join you on your water adventures with ease. This might be the best family entertainment out there!

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Having the right boat dock accessories can make all the difference in the quality of your experience on the water. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your dock organized, protect your equipment, or simply enjoy your waterfront dock, there’s a product out there that can help! Looking for more boat dock and boat lift accessories? To view our full collection, visit our website today.

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