Do You Really Need a Boat Lift?

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Water can sometimes be the worst place for a boat. Sounds pretty silly doesn’t it since boats are literally made for the water. However, when not in use a boat bobbing at the dock is under attack from the forces of nature. It’s not just the marine growth that is a problem, but also the wind and waves that batter the hull.

Here is where boat lifts help you rise above it all. Boat lifts allow for easier cleanup and better security, protecting your investment and making arrival and departure simple. Here are a few reasons why having a boat lift is an advantage.


More Boating, Less Scrubbing

Even with bottom paint, the bottom of your boat still needs to be cleaned regularly (that’s where we come in). A boat lift keeps your boat bottom clean, and if you add a canopy you can prevent grime and bird droppings from accumulating on the top of your boat.


Save Money

Dry storing your boat on a boat lift can increase a boats resale value by nearly 15% to 20%. A clean bottom enhances performance, saves fuel, increases range and eliminates the recurring cost of bottom painting.


Get More Fun From Your Boat

Boat lifts keep your boat clean and ready to launch in seconds. You will be able to use your boat more often, with greater enjoyment and less time cleaning. Also, you can be proud of your good-looking, clean vessel.


Prevents Damage To The Hull

Storing a boat in the water is one of the main causes of damage below the water line and can contribute to many other problems that your boat may encounter. Harsh weather conditions in which water level shift or where debris is present, can cause a lot of stress on your boat that shortens its life. The wear and tear that builds up could mean costly repairs or losing your boat altogether.


As a boat owner, you know that it is an investment in which you will have to continually feed money into maintaining; however, having a boat lift can greatly cut down on those expenses while giving you a stress-free experience every time you hit the water. Check out all the different types of boat lifts we carry at Boat Lift Warehouse, and if you aren’t convinced that a boat lift is the right choice to protect your investment, then contact us for more information.

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