How to Operate a Boat Lift

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After a summer of hauling your boat in and out of the water, or continuously paying someone to clean the hull season after season, you have finally decided to purchase a boat lift. The ease of pressing a few buttons and almost instantly boat being in the water, ready to go, was calling your name. You’ve seen your neighbors work theirs, and paid close attention to how friend’s lifts operate, but you aren’t quite sure that you are going to be able to know what to do step by step once yours is installed. Boat Lift Warehouse is here to help by providing a generalized step by step guide on how to operate a boat lift.

Lowering the boat into the water using a lift

A boat lift eliminates the hassle of having to launch your boat from a dock. The boat lift motor has a power switch, that can be used to lower the vessel into the water. Turn on the switch and make sure to keep an eye on the progress of the boat lowering, checking that this is done slowly.This time enables all passengers to secure their lifejackets and go over other safety tips. It is always safest to have the passengers wait until the boat is securely in the water before boarding the vessel. Once the boat is floating on its own, you can flip the switch off. Your boat is now “launched” and ready to ride!

Driving the boat off of the lift

Once the boat is floating in the water, and no longer on the lift, it is time to set sail. When removing the boat from the slip, it is helpful to have a second set of eyes to make sure there are no obstacles behind the craft when reversing. If the coast is all clear, turn the boat on and drive it off the lift and away from the dock.

Returning to the dock

After a long day of enjoying the boat, the worry of having to go fetch the car and trailer and exerting more energy to drag the boat out of the water is gone when you have a boat lift, submerged, waiting for you to get back. Leaving your boat in the water leads to algae growth and corrosion, that are both costly problems, which is why you invested in a boat lift from Boat Lift Warehouse. First and foremost, you want to make sure that the lift is submerged as much as possible to prevent damage to the lift and the boat. Slowly drive the boat onto the lift and position it correctly by using the lift poles as guides. Once the boat is positioned correctly, turn off the motor immediately. Allow all passengers to exit the craft and unload toys and bags.

Raising the boat out of the water

Once the boat is unpacked and covered, it is time to lift it out of the water for dry storage. Similar to putting the boat in the water, you want to watch the lift carefully and to raise the lift at a slow pace. Using the lift motor switch, power the lift motor and begin to raise the lift and boat upwards. Continue to raise the machine until the hull is out of the water and everything is stable.

Off-season care

Now that you know how to operate a boat lift, learn a few extra tips for when you aren’t enjoying the water every weekend. During the offseason, when the boat or the lift itself isn’t being used it is essential to care for the machine properly to eliminate the risk of damage. It is always smart to raise the lift completely out of the water when not being used to ensure that it is protected from unnecessary corrosion or algae growth. Having the lift out of the water also guarantees that other boaters won’t borrow or damage your equipment. The off-season is a great time to have repairs done to docks and lifts, as well as purchase and install new equipment from Boat Lift Warehouse!

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