Our Top Picks: Boat Lift Hoists

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Looking for a durable, dependable, and hefty hoist for your boat lift? Look no further than Boat Lift Warehouse. Boat Lift Warehouse has been providing our customers globally with top notch products since 2004. We’re here to supply you with all your boat lift needs, so you can spend more time on the water.

When it comes to hoists, you need to be sure to pick what’s best for you and your boat. We have several options to choose from but listed below are some of our top picks.

AMS 6500 Hefty Hoist Flat Plate Hoist

Our AMS 6500 Heft Hoist Flat Plate Hoist contains one single gear plate only and a 1HP HD Motor with wiring. The plate is made of galvanized steel for strength and durability. It also comes complete with a 1hp TENV 56 frame motor wired with a drum switch harness, GFCI, and plug. This motor comes pre-wired for 120 volts. However, if you need 240 volts you can order the AMS Gear plate and motor separate and the motor will then easily wire for up to 240 volts (instructions provided). Our company also offers the only DC motor in the industry for this type of application.


4500 lb Capacity Deluxe Boat Lift Hoist

Our 4500 lb Capacity Deluxe Boat Lift Hoist comes complete with a lock-on switch, 1 x 1413 – 4500 flat plate gear, and a 1 x 1 HP motor wired lock-on switch. It has a solid aluminum extended block housing that strengthens and supports the back plate, reduces heat build-up caused by friction, and keeps the worm gear greased and aligned. The hoist comes standard with a drum switch and a totally enclosed, non-vented housing 1 hp motor. Also, all electrical parts are UL and NEMA compliant.


Boat Hoist USA 7500 lbs

Our Boat Hoist USA 7500 lbs comes complete with a painted backplate, lock-on switch, and 1 x 616 – 1.5 HP wired motor. This 7500-pound capacity flat plate hoist is the most advanced and best-engineered hoist in the entire industry. It features a completely enclosed, hardened steel work, bronze 96 tooth gear. With a solid aluminum worm gear extended block housing, this boat lift hoist allows for a more economical and lighter weight plate.


At Boat Lift Warehouse, we are dedicated to finding the right boat lift solution for you. There are many types of boat lifts and accessories available, and we’re here to help you find what is best for you and your boat. For more information on our other available hoists or other boat lift and marine accessory needs, feel free to contact us by phone at (877)-468-5438 or visit our website. We operate out of Snow Hill, North Carolina and have been serving customers globally since 2004. See you on the water!