What Size Boat Lift Do I Need?

What Size Boat Lift Do I Need?

Are you looking to keep your boat, personal watercraft, or another personal recreational vessel out of the water? Vessels come in a myriad of sizes, and it can be challenging to decide which lift is right for you. Whether you own a large fishing boat or a jet ski, understanding the size of the boat lift required to safely and properly store your vessel away from the elements can help you avoid damage to your dock or watercraft.

PWC Lifts

Personal watercraft, PWC for short, encompasses a variety of smaller watercraft including jet skis. These smaller and easier-to-maneuver vessels require less space to store, and those living on the water will find the best option is a PWC lift. This type of lift is designed specifically for watercraft that are smaller in size and have a total weight of approximately 1,200 pounds.

Pile Mounted Boat Lifts

Much like PWCs, boats come in a variety of sizes and weights and require their own specialized lift for proper year-round storing. While smaller boats can weigh as little as 650 pounds, other larger-sized boats can weigh in the thousands. These dock-based lifts can vary in size based on the required weight they are to hold. On the higher end, a 4-piling lift can hold up to 24,000 pounds when paired with the correct electric boat lift motor for the job. On the smaller end, the ever-popular Mini-Maxx can hold approximately 1,200 pounds and is generally designed for smaller aluminum boats and even larger PWCs.

Boat Lifts From Boat Lift Warehouse

At Boat Lift Warehouse, choosing the right boat lift for your watercraft is crucial to keeping your boat or PWC stored securely all year long. That’s why our team of professionals sources and provides the right lifts and dock accessories for you every time. Whether you are looking for a simple lift for your lakeside dock or need to store your fishing boat on the sound, we have the lift for you. Visit our website to learn more about which boat lift is right for your boat.

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