Single Direction Cable Winders

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Boat lift cable winders protect your cable by wrapping it neatly into machined grooves. These boat lift single-direction cable winders are made from aluminum and are corrosion-resistant.

Generally, there are only two types of cable winders, two-direction cable winders and single-direction cable winders. Many boathouse lifts use a single pipe to wrap cable on, so the cable extends in both directions from the pipe and wraps in both directions. These types of lifts require a two-direction cable winder. Lifts such as 4-piling lifts with two individual pipes use a single-direction cable winder. We have cable winders for 2-inch and 1.5-inch pipes.

The Split cable winders come in two pieces for mounting to existing boat lifts. The single direction cable winders are a solid design that slides over your drive pipe.

**Please note pipe is measured by the inside diameter