A Variety of Boat Lift Motors 

A Variety of Boat Lift Motors 

Whether your lift requires a footed motor or if you have a C-face motor for a direct drive hoist, Boat Lift Warehouse has got you covered! We stock a full inventory of boat lift motors for any boat lift need you may have. Maybe you have a floating lift and you need blower motors, or perhaps you have a freestanding lift, but not sure which? Ensuring your boat has a proper lift motor is extremely important, so we are here to help!

Marathon Boat Lift Motor

Footed and C-Face Boat Lift Motors

Footed boat lift motors work on hoists that use a belt and pulley to operate. These motors will not work on a direct drive hoist.

A motor that does work on direct drive hoists is a C-Face motor. They operate by inserting the shaft on these motors directly in the gearbox of the drive. Our Tide Tamer C-Face motors are stainless steel and have a totally enclosed, non-venting housing, which helps prevent dirt and insects from getting into the motor.

Pre-Wired and Floating Motors

Pre-wired motors are the easiest way to get your lift back in working order when you are having motor issues. The wiring is already done for you, making it as simple as bolting it on and plugging it in. Floating lift motors are high-performance replacement by-pass motors that provide an appropriate balance of maximum air-flow performance and efficiency to power your boat lift. Blower motors are universally compatible with any air-actuated or floating boat lift brand. Simply detach your defective blower, connect wires, and your lift control is good as new. Made-in-USA blower motors provide the highest volume of air available on the market to ensure your lift will actuate quicker than you have ever experienced.

Free Standing Lift Motors and Leeson Farm Duty Motors

These motors are designed for freestanding lifts to replace the handwheel on the winch. Lifts from manufacturers such as Shoremaster, Shoreline, Hewitt, Shorestation, and Craftlander use this type of motor. This motor replaces the hand crank wheel and uses the same winch/hoist to lift the boat. Lastly, we offer the Leeson Farm Duty motor. Noted for its rugged and raw power in agriculture, it is also a popular choice among boaters because of its strength. The single-phase motors provide starting torque up to 400% and the motors have double sealed ball bearings pre-lubricated with Exxon POLYREX® EM Grease.

Boat Lift Warehouse

Come in today to find the right motor lift for you! Boat Lift Warehouse in Snow Hill, NC has been serving customers worldwide since 2004. We provide you with boat lifts, motors, parts, and accessories and we are dedicated to finding the right boat lift solution for you. Contact us today for all your boat lift and marine accessory needs.

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