Choosing The Right Boat Lift Motor

At Boat Lift Warehouse, we have a plethora of boating lifts, tools, accessories, and materials. As we kick off our summer inventory, we’d like to provide you with an informative post about each of the lift motors we are currently offering. Ensuring that your boat has a proper lift motor is extremely important. You don’t want problems to arise when you want to use your boat the most!


Footed Boat Lift Motors

The first type of motor we offer is the footed boat lift motor. These motors work on hoists that use a belt and pulley to operate. However, it should be noted that these motors will not work on a direct drive hoist.


C-Face Boat Lift Motors

The next boat lift motor is the C-face motor. C-face boat lift motors are used on Direct Drive hoists. They operate by inserting the shaft on these motors directly in the gearbox of the drive. Our Tide Tamer C-Face Motors are Stainless Steel c-face Boat lift motors that have a (TENV) totally enclosed, non-venting housing, which helps prevent dirt and insects from getting into the motor.


Pre-Wired Boat Lift Motors

Boat Lift Warehouse is here to provide a simplified experience when choosing and installing your boat lift motors, that’s why we offer the pre-wired boat lift motor. It’s as simple as bolting it on and plugging it in. Pre-wired boat lift motors are the easiest way to get your lift back in working order when having motor issues since the wiring is already done for you! The pre-wired motors we offer include popular brands such as Leeson, AO Smith, Elite, Marathon, and Tide Tamer.


Floating and Freestanding Lift Motors

Another popular motor choice for boaters are the floating lift motors. These buoyant motors are very handy for small boat and PWC usage. Freestanding lift motors are simple to use and easy to install. These motors were designed for freestanding lifts to replace the hand wheel on the winch. Lifts from manufacturers such as Shoremaster, Shoreline, Hewitt, Shorestation, and Craftlander use this type of motor.


Finding the right motor for your lift is made simple at Boat Lift Warehouse. We are dedicated to helping you find the right parts and accessories for your boating needs! If you have any questions, please call us at 877-468-5438.

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