Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer

Getting Your Boat Ready for Summer

>Have you heard the many horror stories associated with being a boat owner? Whether it be having to head back early than expected because you realized you forgot the necessary lighting equipment or even worse running out of gas on the water? Avoid these problems and more with this easy checklist to make sure your day on the boat is a fun and safe one!

  1. Do you have at least one coastguard approved life jacket for each person on board? – also be sure to identify who can/cannot swim on the boat
  2. Check to make sure you have the appropriate lighting for navigation in day/night
  3. Do you have distress signals such as flares and day signals in case of emergency?
  4. Is your gas tank full of fuel? – if inbound be sure to run blower prior to starting boat
  5. Do you have your fire extinguisher on board? – you never know when you might need it!
  6. Check the weather forecast to avoid getting stuck in a storm
  7. Check all ropes and lines for docking and anchoring for excessive wear/tear
  8. Battery is charged

Always be sure to check these crucial aspects of your boat at the beginning of each season as well as before each trip out on the water! The safety of yourself and your passengers is of the greatest concern for a fun experience. This will help to make your summer a memorable one, in a good way!

Summer Boating Checklist


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