Labor Day Boating Safety Tips

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With fall quickly approaching, Labor Day is the perfect time to celebrate the summer coming to an end with a long weekend out on the boat with friends and family. But before you let down your boat lifts and start soaking up the sun, there are a few things to consider. Boat Lift Warehouse has put together a quick list of tips to keep in mind when prepping for a long holiday weekend out on your boat: Labor Day Boating Safety Tips | Boat Lift Warehouse.jpg

Boat Capacity

If you plan to have a lot of people on your boat over Labor Day weekend, make sure that you do not go over the suggested weight limit and person capacity that is suggested by the boat’s manufacturer.

Life Preservers

It is the law that everyone on your boat under the age of 13 wears a life preserver at all times. Though people over 13 are not required to wear it at all times, you still must have enough life preservers for everyone on the boat in case of an emergency.

Proper Documentation

Speaking of boating laws, you are also required to have your boat registration up to date each year. Before heading out for Labor Day weekend, make sure all fees have been paid and that your documentation and stickers are up to date.

Alcohol Consumption

Drinking and driving laws are the same in a boat as they are when operating a vehicle. If you choose to consume alcoholic beverages while boating, make sure that you have a safe and sober driver to avoid getting a BUI.  This will keep you and other boaters safe while out on the water, as well as after the fun ends when you are loading your boat back onto your boat lifts.

Navigation Lights

If you plan to stay out on the water past dark, make sure ahead of time that each of your navigation lights is working properly. Navigation lights are used to prevent collisions with other boats when it’s dark out, as well as to provide light when pulling back up to your dock and putting your boat back on its boat lifts.

Boat Lift Warehouse

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