Ready, Set, Launch with Our Rotating PWC Lifts

Do you live on a river, ocean or lake? Need a lift to rotate your PWC over a dock or seawall? Or do you finally have the sailboat, jet ski, power boat or PWC you’ve always wanted? The only thing better than feeling the wind in your face and riding the waves would be finding a boat lift that as fun and easy to use. Here at Boat Lift Warehouse, we make securing and servicing your personal watercraft or small boat a little easier, with our Rotating PWC Lifts.

Our rotating and swinger boat lifts, allow you to raise your vessel, then, rotate it over the dock or the bulkhead for easy and safe access. The tube in a tube design means that when raised, no portion of the lift remains in the water. Electrolysis is virtually eliminated and no marine growth will occur on the lifting cradle. Boat Lift Warehouse offers Davit Master Davits, Tide Tamer Swinger Lifts (Pile Mount or Dock/Seawall Mount), and BH-360 PWC Lifts.

Davit Master Davits

We offer both the 600 lbs and 1000 lbs Davit Master Davits. Our 600 lbs Davits are perfect for getting your two-seater PWC or very light boat out of the water; while, 1000 lbs Davits are perfect for your small boat or PWC. Both can mount on either a concrete seawall or piling and they’ll rotate your craft over the dock or seawall. They mount out of the water to reduce maintenance, as well as minimize corrosion and are constructed from steel for strength.

Tide Tamer Swinger Lifts

The Tide Tamer Swinger patented design allows it to be the only PWC pile mount boat lift on the market that stays completely out of the water when it is raised. The lifts capacity is great for 4-seater and large 3-seater PWC’s. The lift can also handle small boats up to 7ft wide and 1500 lbs. Tide Tamer Swinger Lifts can either mount to a pile mount or dock/seawall mount, and can rotate 180 degrees for maintenance or storage. All Tide Tamer Lifts use a stainless steel cable for long cable life and less maintenance.

BH-360 PWC Lifts

The BH-360 Lift is the first low-profile rotating lake PWC lift that attaches to a dock and is able to lift jet skis and personal watercraft with up to a 1250 lbs capacity. The BH-360 Lift has a higher capacity than any other popular lake lifts for PWC’s and is manufactured from strong hot dipped galvanized steel. The electric lift has simple up and down switch control or the option for a wireless remote.  

Why miss a single minute of fun? Rotating PWC Lifts are versatile, lightweight and offer the ultimate ease and protection. With so many choices, we will make sure you find the one that fits your boat weight and travel length needs perfectly. So, contact Boat Lift Warehouse today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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