What You Need To Know About Floating Boat Lifts

Summer is almost here, which means that life on the water is in full swing. The roar of boat engines and a spray of personal watercraft can be seen and heard from docks and shores all over, officially marking the prime boating season. But while boating is meant to bring enjoyment and fun to the season, it also means a lot of maintenance and care to ensure you continue to have boating seasons for years to come. Keeping your boat secure above water can extend the life of your boat.

Floating boat lifts are a great alternative to big steel lifts. Floating boat lifts are the new innovation om PWC lifts are inexpensive, easy to use and don’t require electricity or manpower to operate. Here are some benefits and facts to know when purchasing a floating boat lift.

Safety Features

Safety is very important when operating a boat lift system. Traditional boat lifts require a lot of moving parts made of metal. And if not properly maintained, parts can become damaged or broken, which puts both you and your boat in danger. Floating boat lifts are made of plastic and do not require the heavy machinery that traditional lifts do. Floating boat lifts also give you plenty of room to enter and exit your boat or jet ski, so you won’t have to worry about falling in the water or getting hurt.


Floating boat lifts are extremely portable. They are easy to assemble and take down and do not require special tools. Traditional boat lifts that use hydraulics are not portable and cannot easily accommodate bigger watercraft if necessary. However, floating boat lifts have the convenience of adding additional modules to fit bigger boats or watercraft.

Maintenance Free

Floating lifts don’t have motors, electricity, cable gears and nothing to grease or remove rust from. This means that your floating PWC boat lift will always work. Traditional lifts require a lot of moving parts and oftentimes a lot of time and money to upkeep. Floating boat lifts require almost no maintenance except for the occasional scrub down.

Adapt to Any Water Level

A big advantage of floating boat lifts is that they work at any water level. You can customize your lift based on average height of the water onshore and maximize performance. However, since floating boat lifts float above the water and are made of plastic, they are built to flow with the current and adapt to changing water levels.

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