Tips for Raising and Lowering Your Pontoon Boat Lift

Tips for Raising and Lowering Your Pontoon Boat Lift

Pontoon boat lifts are essential for every pontoon boat owner and will make your life easier when you get going in the water. These boat lifts can help you get in and out with ease. However, if used incorrectly, it can cost you a fortune to fix. If you have a pontoon boat lift and are struggling with it, or want to learn more about your equipment, keep reading for tips from Boat Lift Warehouse for raising and lowering your pontoon boat lift.

Uses for a Pontoon Boat Lift

Pontoon boat lifts are a necessary tool for your pontoon boat. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a pontoon boat lift from Boat Lift Warehouse if you haven’t already.

  • Protects your boat from water damage
  • Protects your boat from the fluctuating water levels and damage
  • Easier to launch and retrieve your boat
  • Easier to maintain your boat with a pontoon boat lift

Any boat that is left in the water without being used is susceptible to damage. Using a boat lift from Boat Lift Warehouse is a great way to avoid this damage and prevent losing money.

Tips for Launching

Before you start – inspect!  This is the time to check the boat and equipment and visually check the lift BEFORE you start to lower the boat. Watch and listen!  As you lower your boat, listen for unusual noises. This is always a good time to look for wear on parts like cables and for any damage. Look for positioning.  Is your cradle still level?  Are your cables wrapping as they should be?  Do the mounting brackets and hardware look normal?  Basically,  does everything look right and sound right?

When launching your pontoon boat, you should remove people and heavier equipment from the boat in order to put less strain on the cables and prevent injury. Then lower the cradle to a position in which the cradle and boat have the most contact with the water. Once the boat is ready, then you can lower the boat into the water just enough that the boat is in the water, but that the cables are still tight. After the boat is in the water, the motor should be off and you can safely remove the boat from the cradle.

Pontoon boat lifts should never:

  • Be left unattended while in use or on
  • Raised or lowered above or below the recommended height
  • Be operated by an unlicensed boater

These can result in damage to your boat, lift, dock, or the people around it.

Tips for Retrieving

When retrieving your boat, just reverse the steps for launching! Make sure that the cradle is deep enough to put the boat on while also minimizing damage. Make sure the boat is secure on the cradle before raising it too high. Pay attention to your boat’s position in the cradle, make sure you have the center of gravity for your boat in the center of the cradle, or as close as possible. Once in position turn your pontoon boat lift off and make sure everything is secure.

Pontoon Boat Lifts | Boat Lift Warehouse

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