Tips For Taking Your Dog Boating

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Boat Lift | Boatlift WarehouseIf your dog loves to swim and go on adventures with you, then why not let them tag along with you on your next boating adventure? Make your day out on the boat with your pup worry-free and full of fun by following these simple tips brought to you by Boat Lift Warehouse, your one-stop-shop for all of your boat lift needs!

  1. Whether your dog is bred to swim or not, it is always good practice to get them acclimated to the water before taking them out on your boat. Getting them accustomed to the water early on in life will not only make them less afraid of the water for bathtime, but you will also be reassured that they know what to do if they accidentally fall in the water off the boat or pier.
  2. Keep your pooch cool and hydrated by packing plenty of fresh water for them to drink. Dogs cannot regulate their body temperatures as well as humans can, so it is vital to keep them hydrated so they do not overheat. Dip them in the water to quickly cool them off, and be sure to have some shade for them to lay under to get out of the sun.
  3. Keep decks cool by rinsing them off every hour or so. Dog’s paw pads can be very sensitive to hot surfaces, so be sure to check the dock and boat surfaces before your dog touches them. If it is too hot for you to walk bare-foot, then it is too hot for your dog’s paws too.
  4. Pet floatation devices are always a great idea to have even if your dog is a good swimmer. Be sure that it fits them properly and it also has a handle on the back to lift them out of the water with ease.
  5. Unfortunately, some dogs get very seasick out on the boat. If you are unsure whether your dog gets motion sickness or not, it is always a good idea to talk with your vet beforehand to know what is safe for your dog to take if they do happen to get seasick.
  6. If you are travelling somewhere new on your boat, make sure any marinas, parks or beaches that you plan to visit allow pets. And always keep a copy of your pet’s vaccination certificates on board as well as any necessary dog supplies like collars, leashes, harnesses, or waste bags that your dog may need.

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