Must-Have Dock Accessories

Must-Have Dock Accessories

Many Americans love their docks and want to create a safe and relaxing place to enjoy and entertain. There are many accessories that can improve the usability of your dock and make it the best it can be! Boat Lift Warehouse has some timeless accessories as well as some of the latest items.

Instead of having to explore the internet for what dock accessories you need, we have compiled this list of essential dock accessories that you will want to purchase for your docking area. From dock boxes to speakers we have all the accessories you could need for your dock!


Dock Boxes

If you frequent your dock and use it for fishing, loading your boat, or just hanging out, a dock box may be for you. Think of all the things that you need for a day on the water: fishing poles, life jackets, etc. Normally you’d have to carry all the items you need from your shed or home, dependent upon storage location, but with a dock box, the items that you need for a day on the water are right there on the dock!

We offer dock boxes of all shapes and sizes that can fit anyone’s needs! Check them out, and get yours today!

Piling Caps

The pile cap is an essential accessory for your dock.  It adds to the visual appeal of the dock, protects the vulnerable top of the piling from water damage, and cone tops discourage birds from sitting or nesting on the piling.

We have many different types of pile caps, as well as tips for how to measure your pile cap properly. We love to help out wherever possible so if you need help choosing pile caps for your dock just contact us!


Lighting is another great add-on to your dock. Lighting can add to the fun, especially if you are night fishing! We have multiple colors, and types of dock lighting for you to choose from! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to lighting your dock with Boat Lift Warehouse.

Dock Bumpers 

Another dock accessory we want to highlight is dock bumpers! Just like piling caps, dock bumpers are an essential accessory for your dock as they provide impact protection for both your boat and dock!

Dock bumpers are super easy to install as well! The hardest part is knowing where to place them, as you need to put them where you see the most potential impact occurring. Dock bumpers are a great accessory because they make your dock look better, as well as help you save money on dock and boat repairs.

Waterproof Speakers 

Now increase the entertainment on your dock with a little music. Speaqua Speakers are waterproof and blend modern construction with unprecedented outdoor functionality. Their waterplay technology means you don’t have to worry about pairing problems and can continuously listen to your music without ever disconnecting, in or out of the water.

ShockIQ Mobile

Now that you have made your dock the place to be, protect your family and friends with the Shock IQ Mobile safety system for docks. ShockIQ is the only product on the market to intelligently monitor your dock’s circuit status as well as allow you to see the voltage levels in the water around your dock. Get peace of mind with this dock safety product knowing it could save the life of someone you love. ELECTRIC SHOCK DROWNING PREVENTION is a very real danger and the Shock IQ will provide protection to you and your friends and family as no other dock safety measure can.

Are you ready to turn your dock into an oasis?  If so, do it with Boat Lift Warehouse, the best in dock accessories! If you have any questions regarding any of our dock accessories, contact us today!


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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